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Although you came highly recommended, I have to admit that I was skeptical.  Past experiences with “trainers” in California and Georgia did not leave me with the “warm and fuzzies”.   I was looking for a horseman, not a “trainer’, to start my 4 year old Morgan gelding, Zippy.   Anyone can call themselves a trainer, but good horsemen are hard to come by. I appreciate your patience and openness – I wonder how many trainers would tolerate a battery of questions prior to accepting a new client. Your calm demeanor and confidence was also quite evident when you handled my horse. Western tack/hackamore was something new to this English rider. When it came time for our lessons, if I didn’t understand the verbal instruction, you figured out a way to help me understand, sometimes with metaphors – “imagine you’re a UCLA linebacker” and “it’s a dance with your horse” and my favorite, “bust a gut!”.  There are very few horsemen/clinicians that I know of, who excel at both handling horses and people – that is truly a gift. You are an effective and skilled horseman. In 90 days, you transformed a young horse knowing only basic ground manners to a horse with a great start in the hackamore..and even better ground manners.  You delivered on every level – from understanding my expectations to challenging me on my horsemanship skills…to always try to do better for the horse. Thank you for believing in me and Zippy and giving us a solid foundation.  Now, it is up to me to continue the journey, and what a journey it has been so far… Happy trails - Julie Seeley, Georgia I first met Taylor at an ACTHA ride, where he had brought a young rescue horse to try to rehome. I was impressed with his quiet way with the horse in the electric atmosphere of the gathering area before the ride started. I had been given a lovely Belgian mare whose owner had unfortunately passed away, and I wanted to begin trail riding and maybe ACTHA with her. However, I didn’t have a good feel for her training history, she hadn’t been worked with in almost 4 years, and due to my age and some health issues, I didn’t feel confident in being the first one to get back on her under those circumstances. She was a bit pushy on the ground and it had taken a good while to load her the day I picked her up. I asked Taylor if he could teach her appropriate ground manners, instill a work ethic in her, do some desensitizing since I noticed she seemed a bit spooky when things changed in the barn aisle, and teach her to self-load in my two horse trailer. These were all things he was confident he could do for me and the mare. I’m not one to just send a horse off to a trainer without checking the facility and doing follow up, so that is what I did throughout the three months Taylor kept her. Each time I visited, I was even more impressed with the quiet, clear and steady approach he was taking. It was exactly what I would have done myself, in my younger, healthier days. The mare progressed rapidly in her understanding of what was being expected of her. It appeared that she really had not had much in the way of training, though she was saddle broke. At the end of the training period, the mare stood quietly to be mounted (which I must do from a ladder), didn’t mind flapping tarps and flags on or around her, and walked willingly into the trailer and stood quietly until asked to back out. In addition, Taylor willingly took the time to work with ME to give me the tools I needed to continue the training process in the way he had begun.  The day after I brought her home, I took her on a 3 hour trail ride at a state park with friends, through creeks, past wildlife, both in the lead and following, and she couldn’t have been better. She stood quietly tied to the trailer with hay while we had lunch afterwards and loaded beautifully when I “sent” her. My friends were very impressed and I was so pleased. I can’t express enough my appreciation to Taylor for the good basics he put on this mare for me. He has made her a safe and steady companion for trail riding, and given me a starting point for me to begin her dressage training. I would strongly endorse Taylor as a trainer of excellent talents, thoughtful and clear with his approach, and experienced with both starting young horses and getting older ones into a working mode again. He does not believe in using training aid gimmicks, shortcuts or abusive methods. He is firm but fair, and very clear in the requests he makes of the horse so there is an opportunity for the horse to learn by repetition in a positive manner. I appreciate everything he did for me and my horse and would bring another horse to him without hesitation. - Alice Stagg Dressage Instructor